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Got Milk?

SDMA Show with Richard Becker
SDMA Show with Richard Becker


Got Milk?
Got Milk?


About Keb

My name is Kevin Daly and Keb was a nickname I had many years ago.  I decided to start using Keb for my art as it's a lot easier to remember and to sign....so there.

Since childhood I have loved to paint, but it was something I did rarely until the last few years.   I studied mainly the sciences in college and went on to become a software engineer and later attended medical school at Yale.  After medical school I became an emergency physician and have been practicing emergency medicine for the last 23 years.  As I grew older, raised a family, and continued to practice medicine I began to feel a strong need to express myself creatively. I think my experiences with so many people during some of the most pivotal points in their lives played a major part in that.  My life experiences outside of medicine have also been subjects of many of my paintings.

Several years ago I began to seriously explore my art as a form of self expression.  There is something deeply satisfying for me when it comes to painting.  For me the point of greatest excitement is when I come up with the vision for my next painting.  Sometimes I will literally dictate the concept on my phone or write it on a piece of paper, like a songwriter, so I don't forget it later. Creating art has opened windows into myself I didn't know were there.  Literally, creating new synapses in my brain forging paths to untapped realms in my subconscious.  

I don't necessarily like classifying my art as being a particular genre of art.  I am not boxing myself in.  If I had to though I would say most of my work is representational and would be considered contemporary realism.   That doesn't mean in a few months I may be not be making abstract pieces.  I am literally going were my mind and heart takes me.

I offer limited edition prints of many of my paintings.  Open edition prints are also available.  Select [Shop Prints] on the main menu to shop for open edition prints and other items depicting my artwork or clck here.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting or limited edition print, or would like to commission a painting you can e-mail me at  ArtByKeb@gmail.com


Escondido Municipal Gallery, People's Choice Show 2018, Honorable Mention

Escondido Municipal Gallery, Art Riot 2019, First Place

San Diego Museum of Art Artist Alliance, Dimensions 2019, Balboa Park, Honorable Mention

Front Porch Gallery, 2019 Annual Exhibit, Carlsbad

Sparks Gallery, OMA show 2019, San Diego

2019 San Diego County Fair, Fine Arts Exhibit, A People's Choice Winner

Ashton Gallery, In the Moment OMA group show, 2020

OMA Brooks Theater Art Show 3/2020, Oceanside

San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild, Guildd at the Lyceum 2020, Second Place